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DAN-SINO ™ ®,  for short DANSINO, was established in 1997 by Jørgen Ploug (M.Sc.) after app. 31 years of service in a well-known and also internationally recognized Engineering and Trade Company, including app. 20 years of registered member of the Management (Krüger A/S). 
He got such comments to his activities and experience, that it encouraged him to establish his own company in Denmark under the name of : DAN-SINO ™ ®.

DANSINO offer expertise and experiences in Consulting, Engineering  and Trade Services with special attention to commercial aspects in Denmark and China.
The services are also available to Chines organizations and companies, for their activities outside China, specifically in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia (The Nordic Countries).

Also other Countries in South East Asia can be dealt with, based on in-house experience:
· Philippines · Malaysia · Thailand · Indonesia · Vietnam

SCOPE of SERVICES - Consulting & Engineering

The scope of work covers  Consulting, Engineering  and Trade Services provided to clients 
regarding a.o.:
. Marster planning and management of all kinds engineering activities
. Market possibilities
. Business promotion
. Pricing based on goods and/or services in question (international proposels)
. Terms and conditions for sale, delivery and handig-over procedures
. Assistance in preparing, formulating and presentation of offers (international proposels)
. Establishing and formation of companies and/or agency (Import/Export)
. Other related services, such as administration and management

The advise will include the opinion and recommendation on the matters to the best of the ability and experience, enabling the client to make his own judgment and the final decision.


Beside Consulting, Engineering  and Trade Services expertise is available in the fields 
of a.o.:
- Consulting Engineering in general 

- Science and Technology
- Financial Engineering including Feasibility Studies
- Project Organization and Implementation
- Desigen and Manufacturing in China based on English drawings
- Evaluation of the possibilities for companies to:
   relocate design or production facilities to a suitable low cost province in China
- Organize Turn-Key projects in China and other countries
- Translation of printed material and project documents to/from Chines
- How to cooperate with Chinese leaders and organizations


DANSINO have in-house resources to convey the highest level of experience.
The management has among others:
. Held Chairman or Vice Chairman post in a number of Board of Directors a.o. - in Denmark,
  China (Shanghai and Hong Kong), Philippines and Malaysia

. Project Director for complex engineering projects in more than 15 countries
. Negotiated, concluded and signed contracts in China involving:
   foreign currency US$ 30 MILL (DKK 150 MILL) and
   local currency RMB 1500 MILL (DKK 1200 MILL)
. Established a Chinese company in Shanghai (Contractual Joint-Venture) involving
   foreign and local funds.
. Negotiated on Government level
. Prepared and formulated legal documents
. Arranged manufacturing of equipment in China and Denmark
. Implemented the Turn-Key approach on integrated projects a.o.  in Denmark and China
. Visited among others contries, China more than 30 times
. Know-how in communication with the Chinese

Where appropriate, DANSINO will in consultation with the client assign one or more Sub-Consultant/Partner.
Why - ? This will secure that the client get access to allready available data and information
- a cost saving approach.



DANSINO offer, or can arrange for high quality products only, based on latest high-tech and up-today technology such as:

. Mechanical Equipment for the Water- and Waste Water Industry
(Aeration, Filtration, De-Watering,
  Gas recovery utilisation, Reverse Osmosis small and medium size, Softening and Demineralisation,
   automatic filters, De-Gasers etc.)
. Measurment Equipment for the Meat Processing Industry
. Machinery Equipment for the Slaughtering Industry
(Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic)
. Specialised Machinery for the Food Processing Industry
(Washing, Sorting, Blanching,
   Weighting, Filling, Packing, etc. etc.--)
. Freeze-Drying Plants and Equipment for conservation of high value products
. Stainless Steel Equipment for the Dairy Industry
. High/Low Frequency Heating/Melting Systems and Equipment
. All other related products and equipment upon request

The above can be delivered as single items or lumped together to compose a total packed.
If required installation and running-in can be taken care of be skilled erectors and engineers.

The offer and supply will include the opinion and recommendation on the matters to the best of the ability and experience, enabling the client to make his own judgement and the final decision.


DANSINO offer to market - or arrage for - salechannels for imported equipment and products of a suitable quality.

Initial expenses for the introduction (Approvals and Certificates, Advertising, Brochures, Exhibitions, Sales promotion entertainment, Samples of product, and the like) will be held at a minimum cost to the manufacture.
Before initiating the marketing a budget, including a payment schedule for the reimbursement of the above mentioned Initial Expenses, shall be prepared and agreed to by both parties.

DANSINO can further offer to identify and arrange for distributors or agents in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Faeroe Island, and Iceland (Scandinavia). Expenses shall be dealt with as described above.

Details regarding above services, equipment and products,
- will be made available upon request.


Jørgen PLOUG
M.Sc.(Mech. Eng.)
M.Exec. & Indep. Eng´s Society.
Managing Director
Data sheet: Curriculum Vitae, Education and Experience.

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